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“The RIA Deal Room,” sponsored by BlackRock, provides unbiased, data-driven insights into the changing M&A landscape, including how acquirers and sellers are getting deals done.  The concept behind the study is to provide a more novel, in-depth look at the mechanics underlying RIA M&A transactions and provide information that drives readers to think about M&A strategically.  This special research report leverages actual transaction data to highlight the changing dynamics within the RIA M&A landscape and debunks misconceptions of deal mechanics.  

What’s inside The RIA Deal Room report:

  • How the M&A market is responding to rapidly changing RIA demographics
  • Why some firms are more successful at M&A than others and what prospective buyers can do to improve their success probability
  • What it takes for prospective buyers to enter and compete in today’s M&A market
  • The realities sellers are facing in the market and expectations for getting a “deal done”
  • The competitive differentiators in the RIA M&A market and how RIA buyers need to respond

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