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Advisor in Transition

Sophisticated wealth management teams seeking an objective and unbiased partner hire us to assist them with a potential transition to a new advisory model. From identifying the ideal solution, to structuring a platform search, we are the trusted leverage point to outsource transition management which enables Advisors to focus on their clients.

What sets us apart is that we work only on behalf of our clients; we never receive referral fees from any provider. This ensures unclouded judgment in recommending the best solutions for firm owners, their families, and their clients.

Compensation & Equity Design

Compensation, organizational structure, and firm equity are key structural challenges for many successful firms. Advisor firms hire us to help activate growth and/or rationalize compensation to meet strategic objectives. We review and analyze a firm’s current compensation structure and then develop a customized plan.

What sets us apart, is our ability to delineate our concepts quantitatively and provide the support to implement our recommended design. We provide detailed requirements and build plan implementation and administration. 

Growth Strategies

Our clients leverage our intellectual capital to create a customized plan to transform their practice into a sustainable business or leverage our collective wisdom to help recast strategic direction. We discover a firm’s growth goals to formulate a detailed blueprint. As relentless advocates of the mantra, “what is written down gets done”, our strategic plans provide a path for growth and forecast the potential upon implementation. Our projects typically encompass developing a recruitment strategy, creating a new governance structure for firm management, and/or generating a long-term strategic plan. We are frequently asked to facilitate Partner meetings or act in an advisory board capacity.

We leverage our creativity and intellectual capital to engineer and shape the future of top advisory firms in our industry.  Any idea without structure, an owner, and delivery date, is not an actionable plan, it’s just a dream.  

Management Support Services

We provide retained business management support for successful firms that want ongoing support to achieve their business objectives. This service is for the firm that is not ready to invest in a full-time strategic business manager (C-Suite President or COO) but needs an accountability mechanism, a scalable resource to help implement processes, and a long-term thought partner.

This comprehensive solution provides firms with our best ideas and insight and access to our team for implementation support for areas in which we have expertise. The result helps firms achieve ongoing improvements in strategic planning, compensation, succession, and more, at a reduced cost. Contact us to learn more about this new solution we are offering to the financial advisory community.

  • Strategic Plan
  • Compensation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Reporting 
  • Retained Support 

Succession & Exit Planning

Many industry providers offer succession planning services, but few offer our level of expertise to effectively structure transactions. We efficiently work through the emotional elements entailed in buying and selling, while ensuring that the clients’ and employees’ needs are most thoughtfully considered.

Although succession planning may chart a path for departing owners, business continuity may be even more important. We provide feasibility assessments for internal or external succession, structure of terms, a valuation, if necessary, and support in implementing the plan.

Transaction Advisory

Either as a friendly broker or a direct assistant to a buyer or seller, we consult on advisor-to-advisor buy/sell transactions. We facilitate all facets of negotiations between parties seeking to consummate a deal. We are a solution for advisors that need assistance with valuation, transaction structure, and integration. We are an optimal provider when two parties merge and need third party support.

We assist in the creation of the organizational structure of the new entity (if applicable), revise compensation plans, structure terms, and project-manage terms into definitive agreements. We provide an objective valuation of the firm. For advisors seeking support that extends beyond our capabilities, we take the opportunity to make connections between our networks and resources in the industry.


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