AGS is a management consulting firm that effects meaningful change. We differentiate ourselves by engineering solutions, proving our recommendations through quantitative data and implementing solutions for our clients’ ultimate success. This unique approach provides a leverage point that saves our clients time and delivers a measurable ROI. Have confidence in knowing that while our solutions are customized, we approach all client engagements with the same key operating principles, which are grounded on critical thinking, rigorous quantitative analysis, and challenging the status quo. We help financial advisory and wealth management firm leaders become top businesses.

At AGS, we believe that every firm is unique and requires and deserves a customized solution to fit their business need. Our goal is to optimize our clients’ long-term success by creatively applying our industry knowledge to their specific situation. Our knowledge is derived from two parts; 1. Our proprietary industry intel that we have acquired from working with over 175 firms, 2. Our think tank, aRIA (alliance for Registered Investment Advisors). John Furey, our founder at Advisor Growth, conceptualized and founded aRIA, which is a leading national advisor think tank, with the single purpose of sharing best practices from seven noteworthy independent firms. aRIA provides us with ongoing insight and know-how for growing and succeeding in the ever-changing wealth management market.

We focus on discovering what our clients envision for their firm by understanding their ideal advisory model and firm requirements.

We apply our key operating principles and utilize our firm’s proprietary intel to engineer a customized solution that fits our clients’ need.

We meet with business owners and deliver our tailored recommendations and implementation requirements to improve their firm’s well-being. 

Our Core Values

  • Make a meaningful contribution to our clients and within our industry.
  • Provide objective advice while upholding the highest ethical standards.
  • Create an atmosphere of continuous and meaningful learning.
  • Ensure that our work is always professional, yet enjoyable and gratifying for all.
  • Be an honest and fair industry citizen.
  • Help industry participants in every way possible.


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