Tailwinds: Evaluating the Next Generation of RIA M&A

Advisor Growth Strategies and special guests will conclude the series by tackling the big themes facing the RIA M&A market, discussing COVID-19 implications, and painting a picture for the road ahead.  What tailwinds have been driving RIA M&A?  Which M&A trends will change, and which will remain the same? 

  • Special Guests
    • Rick Dennen, President & CEO, Oak Street Funding
    • Keith Taylor, Managing Director, The Cynosure Group

Approaching a Deal: How Do RIAs Get Started?

Advisor Growth Strategies and special guests address the preliminary steps when entering an M&A transaction and share how to best position a deal for long-term success.  How can RIAs evaluate the wide variety of capital sources available today?  What are they?  How can RIAs best position themselves to achieve their strategic goals?

  • Special Guests:
    • Matt Cooper, Partner and President, Beacon Pointe Advisors
    • Brent Brodeski, CEO, Savant Capital Management

Finding a Seat at the M&A Table: Strategies for the Long Term

Advisor Growth Strategies and special guests share what it looks like to compete with large acquirers who have established a clear place in the market. What opportunities exist for emerging M&A players? What will it take for a prospective buyer to compete now and in the future? This education session helps advisors understand what it takes to enter the M&A market.

  • Special Guests:
    • John Burns, CEO, Exencial Wealth Advisors
    • Marty Bicknell, CEO & President, Mariner Wealth Advisors

Fact Versus Fiction: Investigating the “Truth” in Deal Structures

Advisor Growth Strategies and special guests share how deal terms and valuation trends have evolved and what it means for the future of M&A. What factors are driving valuations and deal structures? What should RIAs understand about recent shifts in trends?

  • Special Guests: 
    • Karl Heckenberg, CEO, Emigrant Partners, LLC
    • Rush Benton, Senior Director, CAPTRUST

Build an “All Weather” Compensation Strategy

Advisor Growth Strategies and special guest John Burns of Exencial Wealth Advisors discuss options for linking compensation and equity to a firm’s strategy and financial objectives. In any market, it is important for firms to have optionality in a plan while staying competitive to retain talent. How can firms strike the right balance with their compensation and equity strategy?

Evolve Your Organizational Structure

Advisor Growth Strategies and special guest Ron Carson of Carson Group discuss ways to align your organizational structure to your firm’s goals. Finding and developing the right talent and providing a path for growth is becoming a requirement to compete in all conditions. How can RIAs maximize their organizational structure to deliver value for clients?

Make Your Business Sustainable in All Markets

Advisor Growth Strategies and special guest Brent Brodeski of Savant Capital Management discuss options for making your business sustainable in all markets. This webinar highlights options for evaluating your platform and identifying gaps. Where is your scale and should you be considering partnering or outsourcing to improve sustainability?

How to Manage an RIA P&L to Survive Any Market

Learn best practices for today’s challenging market while protecting your firm’s long-term future.
Topics include:
- What types of leading RIAs are best suited to handle the volatility
- How RIAs can best manage pressure on their P&L and owner returns
- What levers RIAs can pull to protect their companies in the immediate term while setting the stage for recovery

The RIA Deal Room 2019 Webinar


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