Why Us?

We often ask our clients why prospects choose to work with them, so we thought we’d turn the tables and ask ourselves, “Why us?”

The short answer is, 'we’ve been there, done that.' We understand the business of running a business because we’re doing it every day, for our own firm and in advising financial services firms across the country.

I started Advisor Growth in 2009, which, back then, seemed to be one of the worst times to start a business. I had decided to leave the comfort of the corporate world to make a bigger difference for financial advisory firms. Like many of our clients, we, too, felt the uncertainty of our future. But also, like many, we were confident in our business model, and soon our core values of client-focused and high integrity established our firm as solid and strategic. As word got out, we kept being hired, each year more than the last.

Today, as I look back, I am proud that our firm has been able to participate as a respected resource in the greatest expansion of fiduciary advice for the U.S. consumer of our lifetime. We’ve supported 300+ clients and $400B+ in cumulative AUM. We’ve launched RIA firms, aided firms with modest beginnings to become some of the most successful firms in the United States, and helped founders realize the value of their life’s work.

We’ve been able to advance the advisory profession – accelerate business excellence, we like to say – by educating the industry and helping financial advisory firms build their ideal future. In these uncertain times, we believe it is critical to remain steadfast in our approach and in our values: clients first, no conflicts, taking on projects where we can add value and helping others in the RIA ecosystem. While it is not business as usual, we believe it should be; the integrity of our business will never change.  

As we look forward, there are many challenges facing the advisory profession, especially considering the impact of COVID-19. Advisors need support more than ever to help ensure that their firms – and the industry – are positioned for growth. The industry needs to transition firms from founders to the next generation, and more new professionals need to enter the industry to make sure that thoughtful, fiduciary advice is available to American families.

So back to where we started, Why us? We are committed to building futures – the future of advisory firms: their owners, their contributors and their clients. We take a pragmatic and streamlined approach by “staying in our lane,” helping where we can add the most value. We help start firms; guide business management projects including compensation, equity and succession planning; and consult on mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

As advisors ourselves, we at Advisor Growth Strategies understand the effects of uncertainty and will continue to offer clarity, strategy and solutions to help position financial services firms toward future growth and success.


John Furey

John Furey, Managing Partner


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