Reimagining Your Business

With the rapidly changing RIA landscape, it is even more critical than ever to anticipate and address change. Change, however, must be strategic and streamlined to help ensure successful business growth over time.


We work with you to reimagine your business for growth.


Compensation, organizational structure and firm equity are key structural challenges for many successful and growing firms. The independent advisory space is a dynamic world, and compensation plans that worked for the firm in the past may not work now to take you to the next level of growth. Many firms get themselves into what we call trouble mode, a misalignment of interests of owners and key contributors.

We work with you to help activate growth and/or rationalize compensation to your strategic objectives. We review and analyze your firm’s current compensation structure and then develop a customized plan. We also can help with key initiatives, including better defining a firm’s organizational structure and installing accountability.

We prove our concepts quantitatively through a financial model and provide detailed requirements to implement the plan. We also possess a level of benchmarking data not available through broad industry surveys. This expertise results in a plan that squarely addresses your firm’s objectives and takes out the guesswork of building a plan.


We provide you with experienced insight and collective wisdom to create a customized plan that will transform your firm into a sustainable business or recast your strategic direction.

Our detailed strategic plan is based on your firm’s growth goals and serves as the blueprint for building its future. The comprehensive plan delineates a clear and detailed path for growth as well as forecasts the firm’s potential upon implementation.

We are relentless advocates of the mantra “What is written down gets done.” We believe that any idea without a structure, an owner and a delivery date is not an actionable plan; it’s just a dream. We often are asked to facilitate partner meetings or act in an advisory board capacity as well.

Our years of experience shaping the future of top advisory firms affords us not only the intellectual capital but also the confidence to think creatively in your best interest.


Our knowledge of the challenges of transitioning a business to internal stakeholders offers us the perspective and skills to make an optimal succession plan. Most significantly, we can efficiently work through the emotions of selling your life’s work to help ensure that your needs as well as those of your employees are thoughtfully considered.

Although succession planning often charts a path for departing owners, it also affects business continuity, which is equally as important. We therefore provide feasibility assessments for internal or external succession, structure of a potential plan, a market-based valuation and support in implementing the plan.

While many industry providers offer succession planning services, few offer our depth of expertise to effectively structure transactions and think through the future implications of the plan.