• "Thanks for all your help throughout the process of designing our equity structure. We would have failed without your guidance!"

  • "Advisor Growth Strategies opened our eyes to host of potential issues and more importantly, helped us find “win/win” solutions. Combining two large advisor group complexes is a huge undertaking. AGS structured the transition in a way that is sustainable for all involved."

  • "For our management team the understanding and explanation of the factors that drive the valuation of TCI helped us direct our focus. This alone was worth the cost of the firm valuation."

  • "When we were at crossroads in our business Advisor Growth Strategies was pivotal to building the firm we have today. Our success and growth could not have occurred without their guidance."

  • "Assisting our management team in determining a compensation structure that met our culture and was market-based ensured our success in attracting and retaining top talent."


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