“Advisor Growth Strategies was an essential partner in the formation of Optas. They helped us structure our strategic direction and lead the implementation of key elements of our transition from a large financial institution.”
Fritz Glasser and Meghan Railey, Optas Capital
“We have partnered with AGS on several initiatives and receive best practices for our firm every time. Thank you for being committed to our current and future success!”
Buck Olsen, Foster Group
“AGS is exactly what we needed to determine our long-term growth objectives as a firm. We gained a tremendous return from working with AGS as a thought-partner to identify our strategic path going forward.”
Rob Morrison, Huber Financial Advisors, LLC
“AGS has a unique ability to simplify the complex and design solutions that take into consideration your immediate needs and long-term strategies. We have been fortunate to enjoy significant growth over the years. AGS has been there time and again helping us stay ahead of the curve.”
John Burns, Exencial Wealth Advisors
“We collaborated to design a scalable compensation system and gained valuable insights through the design process. If your firm has complex compensation or incentive challenges, consider partnering with AGS.”
Margaret Dechant, 6 Meridian
“AGS provides expertise and industry intelligence that simply isn’t available anywhere else. They are highly experienced and well-versed in creative solutions for today’s top firms.”
Brent Brodeski, Savant Capital
“Aligning Strategic’s core values, focus, and vision with a scalable compensation and equity program was a critical step in transitioning a 40-year-old business to the next generation. AGS helped to refine our strategic direction, point out blind spots, and craft an implementation plan so we are now well-positioned for long-term success.”
Alan Leist, III, Strategic Financial Services
“Thanks for all your help throughout the process of designing our equity structure. We would have failed without your guidance!”
Nick Blasi, Frontier Wealth Management
“Advisor Growth Strategies opened our eyes to host of potential issues and more importantly, helped us find “win/win” solutions. Combining two large advisor group complexes is a huge undertaking. AGS structured the transition in a way that is sustainable for all involved.”
Mike Prior, Priority Financial Group Mike Melby, QUE Financial
“For our management team the understanding and explanation of the factors that drive the valuation of TCI helped us direct our focus. This alone was worth the cost of the firm valuation.”
John Stephens, TCI Wealth Advisors
“When we were at crossroads in our business Advisor Growth Strategies was pivotal to building the firm we have today. Our success and growth could not have occurred without their guidance.”
Matt Helfrich, Waldron Private Wealth
“Assisting our management team in determining a compensation structure that met our culture and was market-based ensured our success in attracting and retaining top talent.”
John Stephens, TCI Wealth Advisors